Hunting Song of the Wolf

The alpha wolf howls a note
“Come gather my pack, for tonight we hunt”
They gather around their leader
Even pups come out to join
He lifts his head again
Howls the start of the hunting song
Mournful, sorrowful howl
For the prey they will bring down
Rest of adults join in giving praise
For the prey they will bring down
Their notes intertwine as one singing choir
Thanking nature which they hope
Will give them a successful hunt
Last to join are pups to small to hunt
They try to match their pitch
Theirs are short coming in and going
Then hunting song is done
Now the hunt can begun
Off they go in the night
One last howl in the early moonlight

April 25th prompt: Write a poem on the song of a bird or the sound of any animal. If you need inspiration, listen at Animal Sound Recordings, where you will find, among others, the songs of the edible frog and the fire-bellied toad.

Minstrel Rabbit

Rabbit hopping across the page
Playing and singing as he goes
Playing the harp
Singing songs from long ago
Strumming the harp with a paw
What will he do when he reaches the end?
Maybe he will turn around
Hop back playing his minstrel songs

April 24 prompt from this site

Reformation Day

Ninety-five theses on the church door
Nailed for everyone to see
Published by German protestant reformer monk, Martin Luther,
Condemning the corrupt Catholic church that he sees
So, he nailed ninety-five theses to a Catholic church door
He did it thirty first of October in 1517 on Halloween Eve
Theses were reprinted across Europe far and wide
Cause a big stir to reform
Trigger a shift in European religion for a Protestant Reformation
Here we are five hundred years from were reform first began

April 24th prompt: Occasional poems mark an event. Write an occasional poem on one of this year’s anniversaries. Here are just a few: the 200th anniversary of the birth of Henry David Thoreau, the 125th anniversary of Sherlock Holmes’s debut, the 80th for canned Spam, the 50th of the first heart transplant, and the 30th for The Simpsons TV show.

Unture Resume Of Hasen

N. K. Hasen
Master degree in Musical Astrology
With Bachelor in Music Science
At a small college called Fillmore McGee
Looking for career playing music for planets
By travelling abroad from star to star
Not much work experince in the field
Spent a year in Florence, Italy
Mastering art musicology
As an intern for degree
Worked helping children with their star count
Skill set: singing, music musing, decoding music notes, and star counting
Which puts end to this resume

April 23rd prompt: Using the form of a résumé, write a poem for yourself or someone you know (friend or foe) that is wildly untrue.

Organic Garden On Soil

Plant after the frost is best
Organic gardener has more awareness
A fine balance where species coexist
Grow diversity of plants
Will build mini ecosystem of pest and predators

Soil fertility maintained by recycled matter
Enrich soil with animal manure
Or even dead or rotting vegetation
This will provide nourishment to the soil

Gardening with nature
Digging, seeding, watering will come in hand
Dig to give air to soil
Seeding more seeds will germinate
Water is where a garden will survival

Harvest will bring rewards
Abundant and rich and varied foods
Take well; give the soil time
And watch your garden grow

April 22 prompt from this site

World To Our Children

World is moving to fast
Not like it was in distant past
Maybe it’s because the world may not last

For what future will we warrant
Our children to find in this torrent
World should find what is important

We must have our children save what’s left
Keep world’s secrets in their breast
Shed the harsh realities which infest

Maybe they will bring the peace that is needed
To heal a broken world from being wicked
Hope is they don’t leave the world untreated

April 22nd prompt: Write a poem with at least three stanzas. Each stanza should have three lines, and all the end words of the stanza should rhyme or slant rhyme (for example: few/two/woo, warrant/torrent/abhorrent, storage/shortage/mortgage). If you need help with rhyming, try the online tool the Rhyme Brain.