Candy Sorting

Dump pumpkin pail contents on floor
Candy cascades out one after another
Pail empty there is no more
Now to sort with care
One Milkway goes here
A Recees Cup goes over there
Bag of MMs put over to this side
Discard Snickers bar into reject pile
Parents will take those later
Add Almond Joys to discard too
Three Musketeers bar place in own pile.
Found another place them together
Sorting through Halloween candy is fun
Now which one will I decide to eat first


Pumpkin Picking

Rows of rounded orange pumpkins dot the field
Small ones you can lift with one hand
Large ones too heavy to carry
Which one will you choose
Different sizes; different shapes
They lie silently waiting for us to pick
Their blank faces they have now
Until we take knife; give them a wacky grin
It is the season of picking pumpkins
For Halloween is just around the corner

Fall Has Not Come

Fall seems to have not come
Summer doesn’t want to let go
Her sunny hot days
Barely the fall leaves have not changed
So much light shines among them to keep them green
Summer put away your season
Bring Fall into cooler days
Let the leaves turn color
Days are growing shorter
Yet Summer wants to hang on more
Let go until next year
Let Fall come breezing in