Double Elevenie: Dog And A Stranger

Walking down
Outside on street
Stops and see dog

sees stranger
Outside on street
Darts behind her owner


April Shower Walk

April showers
Bring pretty flowers
Will hang out of towers
Must wait hours
For end of rain
Wish I could slain
Because I have to walk
With dog who balk
I must gently talk
As I look at clock
Coax her with sweet talk
Ti go outside for walk.

Waiting For Her Treat

She stands staring… Her eyes gaze longingly at… I see the counter where… A piece of her favorite… She smacks her… Does her tricks with… For she can be smart when… I see her eyeing what is now in… I say leave it while I give her command to… She watches… Drool starts to form as she is getting… snack is what she loves. On paws she is… eat what she really… I give nod to… Finally with a look… Head down devours until… gone, with no crumbs left on… Where she continues to lick and… Then she looks up expecting… from me which will not happen.

Dearest Winter

Winter, I loath to see you continue bringing forth your snow.
I am tired of the cold and endless bleak days.
You have made life dark and sluggish.
I can’t seem to work through your season.
Your snowflakes are beautiful, but to drive when it’s blizzard;
Causes me not to want to step outdoors.
Snowy landscape of course is nice but only for a few days I will admire.
Could you try not to make it so cold (as in negative ten degrees)?
I am fine with fifteen degrees but less it can not be;
For who wants to be out in that kind weather
But, I must because I have dog.
Could you think on it for next year please?
I am glad you did make Christmas Eve have some snow.
For it has always been special when it happens.
I am done with your cold, freezing and bleak days.
Can please allow Spring to come forth now?

Feather Falling From Sky

Falling from the sky as light as can be
I see white feather hovering in breeze.
Falling silently; gently down from sky
Hovering it is not; glides back and forth,
Feather moves down slowly in a great arc.
To its finally resting place I see
On surface of roadway waiting for me;
To pick feather up I will with great haste;
Because I know it will bring me good luck.
For I hope this will turn my life around
With this feather in hand fortune changes
My life is uplifted to happy day.

This is the second time I have revised this poem. The previous title was Fall From The Sky. Since the original was close to a blank verse, I decided to edit it as such. So, each line is 10 syllables.