What Words Can I Say

What words can I say;
Which have been said already
In countless poems about you.

From your looks
Too your unique doggy habits
And your inspiration alone.

You will always be my first;
My furry child
Who just loved hanging out at home.

I still think of you
As it will be year since you pass
And crossed over the rainbow bridge.

I hope you are enjoying the outdoors
Drinking in fresh air
And maybe doing rocket dog
Zooming top speeds all around some place.

Your smile alone brightened my days
I can still see it
But it is now only memories
And not the real thing.

What can I say; except I love you
And that I miss you every day.

The Gorgon

Close your eyes against her stare
For if you do beware
Her eyes will penetrate you to stone
She may try to lure you with her voice
For her beauty she has none now
For hair is intwine with snakes
Her cheeks are pale from hiding
She is monster you shouldn’t behold
For with one look she will turn you to stone