The Noise

Late I sit writing at my bedroom chamber.
No sound but the scratching pen.
My mind is focused on my read.
Until a noise startles me.

I look around to see what it could be.
Hoping that my mind had not deceived me.
Again came the noise louder than before.
It sounded like a knock at the door.

I push away from my chair.
To walk to the door,
My voice trying to find its chord.
“I am sorry I did not hear you knocking at my door.”

To the door I reach and open it wide.
I peer out into the darkness within.
No one is there my mind had deceived me.
I close the door and let it be, back to my work says me.

Back I sit in my bedroom chamber, I.
Until again a noise my ears defy.
I look around to see if it can be found.
But no source in the room did I find.

Out loud I cry, “Where are you noise?
Please come out I implore.”
I look around again,
Finding that the noise was from within.

Down on the floor in a corner not so bare.
I found the noise that startled me there.
For lying on the wooden floor there was
Only my dog‘s rapping on the floor.

She was sleeping peacefully in dreaming world
That her tail was thumping on the floor.
Dreaming of happiness was what she had
So content was to let her be.

I looked at her with content on her face.
Backing off to give her space.
For I did not want to stir her awake,
I went back to what was at my place.

So again I sit writing at my bedroom chamber.
No sound but the scratching pen.
My mind is focused on my read.
No noise now to startle me.

Invisible Cloud

Invisible cloud wanders through the night.
No one sees within its light.
It passes quietly by wishing it could be seen.
But everyone around is mean.
It keeps to itself away from all.
Hoping one day not to fall.
To fall away and disappear
Is not what will be in store.
One day the cloud will find what is within its core.
Knowing someone is out there as invisible as he.
Hoping to find that special someone in need.
The invisible cloud continues on through the night.
Hoping one day someone will see within its light.

Other World

Close my eyes to another world.
Where dreams can come true.
A world of fascination
Of everything that is new.
Where anyone can be who they want.
And time is different there.
Where to go, what to do, I know I will find it there.
For my other world is mine,
So different from reality.
For there have been times too caught up
To know where real life begins.
I hope to find that tranquil need of rest,
In the other world I love,
But it will have to wait till I have finally gone to bed.

War Road

Heavy boots go stomp, stomp,
Along a dirt trodden road.
A sea of blue marching down the road,
Clanking, clanking as they go.
On they march to where they go nobody knows.
Clop, clop, what’s that up ahead.
A rider coming through.
Hurry, Hurry says he, the enemy is too near.
Now its double time, double time.
The sea of blue marches quickly onward.
To face the enemy unknown,
To where they go their fate unknown.

Twitching Dreams

So peaceful on her side
As ever one could be.
The rise and fall of her side
Sleeping peacefully.
Then in quick movement
Like no other small twitches begin to set.
Back and forth a paw twitch
In a racing dream of mind.
Then a snout wrinkles as
One that saw a deer.
Again the paws move
As one is going over the hill.
Than in a flash as a noise is heard
She stirs from her doggy dream world.
To see her master standing over her
Wondering what has gotten into her.

Steel Walls

Break away oh, steel walls,
That encase my ever being.
What blocks thy mind and soul?
That clouds my judgment in thy steel grasp.
Break through the walls of hardness.
To a world beyond the hills.
That mind and body will flourish
As ever it did before.
With clearer picture of tomorrow
Thy steel walls will be no more.

Who We Are

Who decides who we are?
The distant whisper of our souls.
What dares to entice our ever being?
From whom we should ever meet.
Rise above our longing to be like others
And shake our metal chains away.
Let them fall to the Earth,
Riddled and broken for we have found our way.
We can choose who or what we want to be,
No one else but the distant whisper of our souls is our key.

Shining Stars

Beneath a thousand of tiny lights.
I gaze in wonder at such a sight.
So many stars shine in the darken sky.
Like fireflies twinkling by.
Each star above the night sky
Watches over you and I.
Through the night they give their light
And shine us on our way.
These guiding stars are love ones once lost.
Although they are gone their light lingers on
Like burning oil lamps of old.
As I laid myself to sleep
I know that the stars will be in my keep.
They will watch over me from above
And keep on shining with their love.

Hear My Songs

Oh, hear my songs oh, Lord.
For I lift my voice up in praise.
Many songs I will bring,
So I can voice them among the plain.
I will sing along the brook
And among the ocean deep.
I hope to sing your songs
For as long as I am to keep.

Listen to my songs oh, Lord.
For I will sing them up the hill.
Among the rocks and trees
And to where ever you dwell near.
I will praise your songs with
Love and joy and to everyone I see.
Thank you, Lord I sing
For the voice you give to me.