I Am Here

I am here and you do not see me.
I am an invisible spot in your world.
I try to cry out and get your attention,
But still you do not see me.
I follow you around,
But, still you do not see me.
I wonder why you do not see me,
I try to find out.
I see you in the evening,
And you begin to cry.
I look to where you lay
And finally I know why.
I am gone from this world.
I have left you all alone.
Now I know why I am invisible,
I am only a ghost who’s new.


Afraid to peer behind the curtain,
Who may be out there on the other side?
Afraid to open the door,
To see what the world has in store for me.
Afraid to walk down the street,
And see people I have never met.
Afraid to open my mouth,
What do I say to express myself?
Afraid to do or go anywhere,
I will continue to stay in my home a little bit longer.

I See

I see through infant eyes a world that is new and young.
I see through toddler eyes a world where I stumble along.
I see through child eyes a world of learning and knowing.
I see through teenage eyes a world that is independent and growing.
I see through young adult eyes a world that is open and challenging.
I see through adult eyes a world that is mature and acknowledging.
I see through old adult eyes a world that is slowing down and dimming.
I see through many stages of life a world that is full and brimming.

Thank You God

Thank you God,
For the bright blue skies that contains many clouds passing by.
Thank you God,
For each starry night that contain many bright stars that twinkle so bright.
Thank you God,
For crystal clear rivers that contain many marine mammals.
Thank you God,
For mountains so high, that I can see from many miles away.
Thank you God,
For the forests so green that contains many leaves that I have seen.
Thank you God,
For the waters I drink that keep me refresh all day long.
Thank you God,
For the foods that are fresh that leaves me full and healthy.
Thank you God,
For my body that is full of life and is meant only for me.
Thank you God,
For making me who I am and that I am different from anyone else.

Storm Hearing

I hear in the distance what no one else can.
The sound of a storm coming in.
My ears have hear it from miles away,
To which no human has yet to hear.
I pace back and forth,
Nervous of its coming.
My owner not aware of the distant drumming.
Then it comes with rage and torment.
I run to my hiding place under the stair basement.
I stay there panting through its loud droning.
Hoping, that it would end in the morning.
I stay there throughout the storm,
My owner finally aware of its form.
She comes to my rescue below the stairs,
And stays with me for as long as the storm airs.
Then it is gone with a flash of an eye.
I am glad it is finally passing by.
My owner and I leave our place,
I am happy now that it has left my space.

Like a Broken Record

Like a broken record lying on the ground,
The pieces are scattered all around.
Trying to pick up a shattered life,
Where and how to make things right?
To begin at the beginning or start anew,
Too much to pick or choose.
Finding out how to make it through,
Is very tough to do.
The pieces of a record are like your life,
That can sometimes be easily broken.
Slowly the pieces come back together,
How long it takes it doesn’t matter.

Soaring Love

Like eagle wings my love soars high.
So high that I could reach the sky.
What love is this, that enters my soul,
So new that I have never seen before.
Like a cloud I float above the sky,
In dreamy world of love is where I seem to be.
My heart has finally found the one
That sent my love soaring high.
Through days our love has grown,
I know that she is the one.
Our love will glide through the wind,
All the way till our final end.