Score the Husky

I knew a dog named, Score
Who was a purebred husky.
He was a happy puppy
When my dad bought him home.

He was crazy and tough
But didn’t like t-storms or fireworks.
He would become scare and worry
And found his comfort in the bath tub.

He knew many tricks
Which he performed with easy.
His favorite trick of all
Was speaking on command when told.

He loved lying outside
In any kind of weather.
Making a bed in the snow
Was his favorite thing to do.

He became old and slow
But still loved a three mile hike.
One day walking was just too much
He fell and couldn’t get up.

He had internal problems that
It was finally his time to go.
So my dad put him to sleep
After living for twelve long years.

A Hole In My Heart

My love for you,
I thought was strong.
But, no it was not to be.
You left a hole in my heart,
Where you once have been.

I tried to forget the love,
We once had shared.
But, my heart cannot mend.
The hole is still there,
In my heart I still feel it there.

The day will come,
When my heart will mend.
But, only a small wound will remain.
For on that day I will have,
Someone new that will love me again.

Ball Chase

I see it in the middle of floor,
Staring at me,
Taunting me.
I dive with mouth open wide,
Trying to grab its roundness.
It is my mouth,
I began to race with it around the house.
I let it drop from my mouth,
Pawing at as it bounces to the floor.
I let it bounce,
I paw at it,
Trying to make it go higher.
I bow my head,
Catch it in my mouth again.
I throw my head back,
Fling it into the air.
I watch it with delight,
As it hits the floor,
Bouncing as it goes.
My toy,
My ball,
I will love you forever,
I will catch you again later.

Penguins Travel

In their tuxedos they waddle
In a straight line to their other home.
In the coldest area,
That the world has ever known.
They waddle their way forward
With their heads held high.
Not knowing when the time
Comes to say good bye.
Their bellies are full of food,
Which they will store and use.
For the other home they travel
Will be the one that brings new life.
On they will travel day and night,
To their other home,
Hoping to reach there before the winter storm.

Love Dogs

Dogs are loveable animals
That have leapt into human hearts.
They are cute and adorable,
That they will melt your heart.
They are like young children
Always wanting to please you.
Just tell them what to do,
And they will reward you to.
They will love you unconditionally
No matter what you say or do.
Just remember to love your dog to.
They will love to curl up with you
Or beg you to pet their belly.
They will love you forever
And be with you till the final end.

Ghost Ship

It glides through the night silent as can be.
The only sound there is, is the sloshing of the sea.
It wanders through the night to a destination unknown.
Hoping to find its way back home.
It will never find its place of rest,
For it is doom to sail for all eternity.
Its decks are empty, no cargo does it hold.
All is silent on its long journey to the unknown.