Waiting For A Puppy

She has waited for what seem like forever,
Waiting for that special gift to arrive.
She had nagged her parents for a long time,
Hoping this year would be the one.
She went to bed early, could hardly sleep
Hoping in the morning it would finally come.
The sun high above the sky,
She comes rushing down the stairs to take a peep.
The tree below is brimming with presents to many.
Each package bearing what it is inside.
A package in front larger than the others,
Holds her in great wonder,
What could it be, she asks out loud.
She opens it gingerly with her tiny hands,
Praying that this year is the one that it would come.
She opens the lid with great surprise,
A puppy in the box waiting for her open arms.
She plucks the pup from its place,
Thanking parents with great haste.
She is off the puppy in tow,
To seek out adventure with her new friend at last.

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