Watch Time

Without you I would be lost
No clue to what state of time is currently being held.
My days confuse of the present time.
I hope not to lose it soon.
I check you every minute and every hour
That I know you will still be there.
You are there on my wrist to tell me the time.
Always there so I can be everywhere on time.
Without you my watch I don’t know what to do.

Best Friend I Love

I love you my best friend.
I have loved you since the time I was born.
You were there when I was young
Both you and I played together all day long.

I love you my best friend.
You were always waiting for me when school ended.
I would tell you every secret knowing
You would never tell anyone else about it.

I have loved you my best friend.
Even though you are gone from this world.
You will always be my first best friend,
My first dog that I have ever loved.


I had a vision when I was youth.
But years have faded my vision too soon.
Where has it gone the vision I once had.
I search my inner mind with care
But no vision I had has yet surface still.
A vision of what I wanted to do and accomplished
Have faded away like the blowing wind.
I will rebuild a vision from fragments
That I know I still posse.
A better vision through adult eyes I will make
And hopeful this vision I create
I will see it through the end of my days.

Falling From The Sky

Falling from the sky as light as can be
I see a white feather hovering in the breeze;
Falling gently; gliding back and forth,
It moves down slowly in a great arc;
To its finally resting place I see
On the surface of roadway waiting for me
To pick it up I will with great haste;
Because I know it will bring me luck
For which I need plenty now,
That I know with this feather in hand
My luck has turned in my favor this very day.

I Speak

I speak through my eyes
That you see them shine.

I speak through my ears
That hear sounds before you.

I speak through my tail
That wags when I am happy.

I speak through my paws
That jump up and down.

I speak through my nose
That can smell for miles away.

I speak through my mouth
That draws your attention.

I speak through my body
That shows my fur so fair.

I speak through my heart
That shows how much a dog can care.

What Life

What life should I lead that I do not know.
The direction I take is my very own.
Too many decisions for me to make,
That I wish someone else could overtake,
To overtake would be great,
To easy my mind from what I do not know.
The decisions of life are too great to see,
That which way to turn is too much be.
To find the life that I want to be,
I am still searching for that life for me.

Draw Us Closer

Draw us closer to you, O God.
For we have went astray.
We have wandered away from you,
Away from what you want us to do.
Draw us in, O God our creator
That we might journey with you.
Far and wide we should travel,
In this life and beyond to the next.
Draw us closer to you, O God.
For we have went astray.
Like sheep we have wander away.
Away from your pasture rich with life and food.
O God, we pray, draw us near to you once more
For we have gone astray.

Food Steal

I am left alone in the house.
I hear the click; went to the window.
I saw them leave; ran to the kitchen,
They are gone and it’s time to munch.
I smell the strong aroma of food.
Too strong to resist I must eat.
I try the doors with my nose,
But does not budge;
I wished for hands instead of paws.
I lift my nose above the countertops,
I smell something up there,
I take a step back to see,
Jump up on two front paws,
What is there, I finally see.
A bag of English muffins so close,
I stretch out my snout; grab the bag.
Race out the kitchen with my prize.
I raid the bag with delight,
The food now gone from my sight.
Satisfy I feel now, I lay down and go to sleep.


Grandma, you have been there
Since the time I was born.
Now I see you each and every morn.
I clung to you when grandpa died.
Hoping you wouldn’t pass me by.
I grew up in your home
Sixth house down the street.
You were always there
When I came home from school.
I knew if I had an English paper
That you were always willing to help.
You came to every event I had
Whether it was softball or playing in the band.
I am glad to have a grandma like you.
You are the best and I love,
You this much for ever more.

A Moon

In the darken skies of night
There shines in the sky as white as light,
A moon white golden with beams so bright,
Hovers over yonder with such a sight,
That radiates with delight as such a sight to see,
Watches over all till dawns comes to call it down,
It will rise again when the setting sun is no more.