Food Steal

I am left alone in the house.
I hear the click; went to the window.
I saw them leave; ran to the kitchen,
They are gone and it’s time to munch.
I smell the strong aroma of food.
Too strong to resist I must eat.
I try the doors with my nose,
But does not budge;
I wished for hands instead of paws.
I lift my nose above the countertops,
I smell something up there,
I take a step back to see,
Jump up on two front paws,
What is there, I finally see.
A bag of English muffins so close,
I stretch out my snout; grab the bag.
Race out the kitchen with my prize.
I raid the bag with delight,
The food now gone from my sight.
Satisfy I feel now, I lay down and go to sleep.


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