Door to Nothingness

Don’t open the door to nothingness
For nobody knows what’s on the other side.
What dangers lurk within its emptiness
We don’t know what it might hide.
Leave the door to nothingness close
For magic is what lurks behind the door.
What kind of magic could it be we do not know.
Could it be good magic or does evil lurk within.
It is best to leave the door to nothingness
Closed forever and ever more.

Will I Be Rescued

Will I be rescued
From this life I live.
Tied up behind a house
Lost and forgotten,
A dog, which sees no one
For I was abandon
When owners moved,
Far away, leaving me behind.
My barks, I try to speak
But no one hears my distress.
Please, I bark out loud
Will someone come and rescue me.

Open My Life To You

I open my life to you, Lord
For you are the one who makes me whole.
You spoke to me through whispers
When I was only a few years old.
I open my life to you, Lord
For I will follow you all my life
You will guide me and teach me
And make sure all is right.
I open my life to you, Lord
For I will see you in the end.
When my time is done, Lord
I will close my life in your hand.

Love Lick

I will show my love to you
One of the few ways I know how.
Just bend down to my level
I will show you now.
For I am a dog,
No words do I speak.
Show, I will my love to you
A lick, and another will not do.
For a love lick to you
Has to be more than two.
I love to show my love to you,
I will lick you all day if I do.
That is the perfect way to love,
Lot of licks on your face.

Oh, Caroline

Oh, Caroline what has become of you
You left me for someone new.
I thought you were the one
You made my days bright and many.
But now my days are lonely and few.
My heart was full of love
Now my heart is broken in two.
Oh, Caroline what has become of you
You left me for someone new.

Ancient Dragon

Ancient beyond the stars from afar.
Many years old it has seen all.
Flying high above the sky
It travels throughout worlds
To find who can do its bidding.
An ancient schemer as old as time.
This ancient dragon travels down wind.
It holds secrets that many do not know
For it knows what will come to pass.
It silently glides throughout the sky
Searching for a world to its bidding.


I am a rescue mutt named Chelsey.
I was found wandering and alone
One November cold day
Cover with motor oil from head to tail.

They took me to the shelter
Where I received love and attention.
They thought I was a black and white dog
Until a much need bath told them otherwise.

I was put up for adoption after many exams.
I waited day or night for someone to come on by.
I didn’t have long to wait, only six weeks later it was
Two young girls came and took me straight away.

Now I live in a nice home
No more worries about what’s to come.
I love my new family
And I am glad they love me to.


What great powers do rings posse
From folklore and comic books.
To ancient rings of evil
That can consume oneself entirely.
While others use a ring as guardians to many races
To protect and save many within in its sights.
Many different rings that bring many different things.
While some rings help to vanquish evil
There are others that use the ring for evil purposes.
What rings posse their secrets we may never know.
I am just glad that rings like these
We see only in our comic and folklore.