Christian Warfare

Be strengthened by the Lord
For his strength is very vast.
Pull on the armor of God
That you may stand against the evil
That is surrounding all around us.
For our battle is not against flesh and blood
But against authorities, rulers, and the like
From a world of darkness to spiritual forces from beyond;
Take up the full armor of God
So you made resist the evil day that will come abroad.
So be prepared to stand and make your stand you will;
To place the belt of truth around your waist
To place the righteousness like armor on your chest,
And sandal your feet with the readiness
For the gospel of peace it will be.
Take your shield of faith
And with it you may extinguish all the flaming arrows
Of an evil one that will descend upon us.
Take the helmet of salvation
And the sword of the spirit,
Which is the word of God.
You will stand at ready in the presence of the Lord,
With your armor you will be strengthened
To proclaim the word of God against the evils that lie within.

Note: Based on the Bible from Ephesians Chapter 6 verses 10 -17.


Tiny bits of fragments lost in time and space.
Fragments of a memory hidden in some distant place
Lost and forgotten upon a closed door.
Barely seems to matter anymore.
What fragments there were, use to be whole.
Now what remains only a hand full of scattered pieces
Lying on a cold stone floor.
Could there be a spark to light the memory again.
To make it whole could be a wondrous plan.
But a fragmented memory of many years past
Is hard to place back together again
Because it might not last.

Princess Paris Puppy

I am Paris the princess puppy.
I am as pampered as can be.
I am a white Bichon
And I am pretty as can be.
My owners give me everything I need.
I always get my way
No matter what it takes.
A tilt of the head,
The pleading eyes,
Is all in my wake.
I get the best of the best
From being a little princess pup.
I am Paris the princess puppy
And a spoiled pup I am.


Do you see me standing before you?
Do you see me seeing you at all?
Do you see me trying to grab your attention?
Do you notice me at all?
Am I invisible to you?
In your world I am.
I am just a small fleck in your world
To you I am invisible as can be.
I have tried to grab your attention.
But I am different from others
That are more handsome than I.
I am in love with you
But you still don’t see me.
In your world I am invisible to you.

Nightly Music

Darkness descends upon the earthly stage.
The music of the night begins its nightly song.
Low croaking as frogs start to play.
The nightly rhythm begins to take shape
Violin of crickets strum in the creature symphony band.
Low a soft flute of a lone bird plays a solo that can be heard.
The rustling of the trees brings the song down three degrees to soon.
The flap like cymbals as geese land on the water
Brings the song of the night to a squawking close.

Search And Rescue

I am a search and rescue dog,
My job is to seek and find.
I will find you among the rubble,
From deep under I will find you.
Just hold on while I get wind of your sent,
I will be there in no time flat.
I am a search and rescue dog,
My job is to seek and find.
I work hard at what do,
For I know that when I find you,
That I have saved another human life,
And I hope to save more with each rescue.
I am a search and rescue dog,
My job is to seek and find.
I will search you out and save you
From each terrible accident that occurs.
I am proud to be search and rescue dog
And proud to seek and rescue you from harm.

Transport Travel

Travel through the ages with me
I will show you what it is like.
From walking to places with just our feet
To the future who know what that will be.
The ancient past we traveled
Was walking only with our feet.
Our next turn we traveled
We had horses underneath.
Traveling became a little quicker
But still took time to travel.
From riding and wagons,
We come to the whistling of trains.
Days of travel begin to shorten
As the years go on and on.
What travels we come to now
We see cars, boats and planes.
The future of travel uncertain
Who knows what will see.
Will it be hover cars
Or will it be beaming
From one place to another,
Who knows what that will be.
We will just have to travel and see.

I Could Be Anything

I could be anything you want me to be,
I could be the sun shining with warmth
Or I could be the cold wind against your face.
I could be the drop of rain that gently falls down
Upon you as you dance across the night.
I could be the snowflake that falls
In the bleak of a winter’s night,
That hopes to find a place upon your head.
I could be anything in the world,
But I am yours forever,
You let me be want I want to be,
And what I will be; is me forever more.