From The Kitchen

From the kitchen with morning light
Shining through the open window
The strong aroma drifts into the other room.
Follow my nose to the kitchen yonder,
To be greeted by crisp, soft, freshness
Coming out of an open hot oven.
She places the tray of fresh bakery
On cooling racks to cool down.
I eye them like a stray dog
Who has not eaten in days;
Mouthwatering from just the sight
Of seeing small round circle disks
With plenty of chocolate chips
Randomly dotted throughout its crunchy, soft center.
Have they cooled; they finally have.
I gently take one in my hand,
Slowly cradling it, like it is last one.
I take it slowly to my mouth
And taste the chocolate now like liquid
Gooey and rich, gather around with the crunchiness
Of a sugary tasty cookie now disappearing with every bite.


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