The Race Is On

The race is on my friends.
The race that comes every four years.
With its millions of phone calls and TV ads each day,
The race is only half way done.
For weeks the race will try to win you
With talk and mail ads that keep on coming.
Be on your toes,
For the battle back and forth
Of who is right or wrong will be tough to decide.
The race is on my friends,
So keep sharp about the polling time to come.
The race is on my friends,
Thankfully we have to wait another four years
For another race to come again.


Oceania what names your wavy locks
That blow back in forth with
Ripples that part your hair
To see your face underneath.
Underneath the waves see
Freckles that glint like sand upon your face.
Your soul goes deep into darkness
Many depths below sea level.
Your eyes gaze into vastness
Of many miles wide of blue land you control.
You speak in a whisper
And then violently awake
With crashing and thrashing,
But the serene times are peacefully at best.
Gently you wash upon the Earth
At the peacefully time
Of a sun’s rays high above the sky.
Oh, Oceania what can one give
To be a part of you between your wavy locks
And the ripples that part your hair
Beneath your land so gleaming and blue.

Moonlight Walk

Out on a dark early morning walk
A moon in the shape of a hook
Shines on through grayish clouds
As my dog and I briskly walk on by.
Stars with twinkling lights shine down
As the wind picks up whispering
That fall is now in the cool crisp air.
One step, two steps pick up the pace
To finish our twenty minute walk.
Around the bend and out of the curve
We are half way done with how well we sped.
As we finish our walk towards the end
The moon continues to shines its beams
Down on our early morning walk as we walk by.

O Rescuer

O rescuer, rescuer, where are you my rescuer?
Denied a good home and refused good food,
What is a stray dog to do?
I wander around hoping I will be found
So someone can bring me into a good home.
I want a warm bed and good food from you
Please, why doesn’t someone see through?
I am a lone as I wander where I don’t know
I just hope it will be your home once more.
I will be a good dog,
Please just give me a chance.
I want to be rescue from you at last.
I don’t know my past,
I just ran away from.
I know I want loving hands to rescue me.
Please, o my rescuer, please come to me fast.


See the coming of the next season
Entering into shorter days of fall
People begin to quicken their pace
They know that cold wind is in the air
Extend the days they would love to have
Much of it is the long hot days of summer
Bring on the month of September
Excited to have the cooler days come in
Regardless that the next season will bring its snow.

Dog That Is Loved

Is a dog that is loved spoiled as can be?
No, how can they not be.
We love them to death
And give them everything that is best
No, love can’t contain a spoil pooch at best.
We love them regardless of how spoil they are
For they return our love after all.
They may be pampered and primed
But can be loved without the fluff and frills.
We will love them regardless of them being spoiled
For they don’t care about being spoil at all.
All they want is to be loved to death
So they can return their love at last.

Come Walk On The Waters With Me

Come walk on the waters with me
I will not let you fall.
I will guide you all the way
Just trust me every day.

Come walk on the waters with me
For I will not let you fall.
We will see it to the end
For I will not lose your hand.

Come walk on the waters with me
I will not let you fall.
If you begin to sink
I will pull you from the swell.

Come walk on the waters with me
For I will not let you fall.
Just believe in me
And I will open your eyes to see.

Come walk on the water with me
I will not let you fall.
I will guide you all the way
Just trust me every day.