Hour of Halloween has come at last.
A time where
Little ghouls and goblins come out to dance.
Like a swarm they descend at your door.
O hear their cry, “Trick or Treat” once more.
What costumes will you see this year?
Examine the costumes as treats are passed out.
Empty candy bowl
Now those two hours of Halloween are over.


The full moon rides high in the sky.
The moonlight shines down
To which I cannot hide.
Deep inside my body
I feel the cage inside me open,
Open wide to let my inner beast arise.
Hear the cracking crunching of joints begin
Each twisting to a new shape within.
Bone on bone shift agonizing to the point, stretching to the extreme.
My human nose elongates to a snout
Hear the shattering of human teeth fall out
As canine fangs replace the empty mouth.
Chest and body burn like touching hot coals beneath my feet.
I claw at my clothes,
Shredding them to pieces
Hoping this will stop the burning within.
The change continues to no end
I feel a tail as my new bones cannot withstand
I fall on all fours.
I feel prickle like needles spouting out.
The fur grows like wild fire all over from head to toe.
My vision becomes sharper,
My smell, my hearing are magnified to the max.
My hands have become claws,
Sharp enough to tear through your flesh with easy.
By now the transformation is complete,
I let out a blood curdling AWOOOOOOOOOOOOO,
While the full moon continues to wash over me.

Witch’s Stew Brew

Toil, boil, and bubble over cauldron hot
Boil water until it’s too hot.
In go frog legs from under stone so cold
A skinned chopped rabbit is the best way to go.
Tongue of a lizard
Golden eye of cat
Don’t forget to add the deer antlers to that
A snip of a rat’s tail
A sprinkle of powdered snow
Add a pinch of fresh fairy dust
To which a stomach of snake will make it taste really good.
Add some moldy green moss,
Stale orange carrots
Stir in year old red sherry wine
Take a quick sip, it’s almost there.
Add in feather of hawk
Wool of bat, and scale of dragon
Bring down to a simmer
Continuing stirring,
One minute, two minute, three minutes wait
Now the strew brew it ready to eat.

Walk Among The Living

Spirits of the dead walk among the living,
Wandering aimless they glide upon the Earth
In search of love ones they have missed.
They search high and low until some spirits find their way to our houses.
At first they enter as quite as a mouse,
Then they head up to the attics.
They begin rummaging around finding old photographs
To see what we have been up to since they left us to the ground below.
They make so much noise
In their quest to see us
They wake us with a start
As once they did when they lived among us
Hoping somehow we will know
That it was them all along
Wishing we will not forget them from our lives.

She Stares At Me

She stares at me with those big beautiful brown eyes
Watching every move I put by.
She is silent as one can be
That it makes me look up and see.
I stare back at her
And see a smile coming near.
Mouth opens in a doggy grin
She knows what is coming soon.
She continues to stares at me
As I finish my typing.
Ok I’m done,
Let’s go pup,
It’s finally snack time.

Play A Melody

Play me a melody that is sweet as honey to my ears.
Let it make me melt like a puddle of water when it draws near.
Let the notes ring out in cheerful chorus as I listen.
Play the flute solo as beautiful as the singing bird high above the tree.
Hear the other instruments join in from a quite crescendo and gaining speed.
Let the sound enfold all around me closing into the end of the song.
Down the home stretch the music comes to an end;
I enjoyed that sweet melody and wish it would play again.

Chiseling Block

I stare at the block of granite
Lying peacefully, unchiseled on the floor.
I keep on staring at it
Trying to figure out what I should make.
It taunts me laughing silently to no end in sight.
I look at wanting to finish my project
But no I cannot figure out where to start.
Should I start at the top
Or maybe at the bottom.
I leave the granite there
And think of what to chisel.
I found an idea
And I begin to chisel away.
Each chip knocking off
And finally it begins to take form
My block of granite has now been chiseled.
I look at my masterpiece
It is now finally complete