Escape Artist

I call your name
But you do not listen.
You are too busy running up and down the street.
You slipped out of your collar like a magician doing a slight of hand routine.
Yes, you new dog I just got a couple of months back
Deciding to go crazy on me.
One minute you are calm
And the next running around me
Tilt of the head and out of the collar you go.
I stand there helpless
Watching you frolic on the ice.
You are making me nervous
Yes, you new dog I just got a couple months back.
I begin to worry
Don’t slip on the ice.
I fish in my pockets for something
Anything to get your attention.
Like a deep ocean I dive my hand down
To find what I hope to find,
There it is a crumbled dog biscuit;
I pull it out
Wave it like a flag above my head.
My voice already hoarse
Yells to you once more
Come here girl
I got a treat for you.
You see me finally
Mouth open in your huge dog grin
You run over to see;
I grab you as you reach for
What you think is a prize.
Collar back on
I take you wound up dog
Back to our house.
Now I must find a way
To fix your crazy escape artist ways.


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