Broken Vase

Glass shatters like crashing symbols from across the room.
A broken vase in pieces lays scatter across the floor.
Small voice utters a cry of distress,
As heavy footsteps come down the hallway.
The mother lioness enters in,
Eyes wide she is furious as she lets out an angry roar.
The child trembles like a mouse caught in the eye of a cat.
The mother takes the child in hand
As the child begins to cry.
As seas calm in the evening sunset
Mother soothes the crying child.
Do not worry for it is not your fault.
This vase was not that important to us.
Next time, my child be careful
In how you play around the house,
The mother says to the child.
Child stops crying, nods their head.
The mother says now let’s go, clean up this mess.


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