Give Me Back

Give me back the fifteen years of my life I use to have;
A life you stoked when I was a young innocent child.
You found me in the crowded mall;
Swooped down like a falcon who found its prey
Took me from the only home I knew.
You took me to a place you said was mine;
A tall darken fenced in area
You said no one else will find.
You made me hide in this darken place–
I called it my hidden sanctuary when not present in your grace.
I was afraid of you at every turn;
What evil things you did I could not understand.
You made me lose my innocence,
When I was still too young.
What horrors I endured were too many to even remember;
I just wished someone would find me
To take me away from that evil horrid place.
I vowed I would find a way to leave
This dark and forsaken area;
I dreamed night and day for that time to be released from this slave of bondage.
Years go by to long for me to even count;
Then years of waiting cease to exist.
Loud noises from the outside the walls I hear
Men in blue came and recuse me;
Brought me back into the world of light.
Over joyed my parents were
But they do not see the wasted years I lost.
Fifteen years of a life now gone;
Now I must be strong and move on.


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