Something Close At The Roots [Letter From A Tree]

Rich in nutrients you give me food to eat.
Like a mother you let me suck until
I was satisfied with every last drop of the water you had at hand.
I thank you from my highest branch that you are my guiding hand.
Like a parent you watched me grow from the tiniest, helpless seed.
I remember when you helped me with my first root.
You were like a friend cheering me on.
Now I am big and strong I will hold my rooted hand to you forever more.
We are one with the land you and I
Like friends we will stay for a long time.
Though my trunk is hard and tough with bark
I was great softie when you made me laugh my friend.
I am glad we can share, the nutrients you give to me,
And the shade I give to you.
For as long as I am rooted I will thank you for many years come.


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