Go To Work

Awake from little sleep
I walk through the motions like a robot
I get ready to go to work.
Like a faithful dog I head to my job
I feel invisible shackles around my feet
Pulling me to a job I don’t want to go.
Every day and every week
I am pulled to go to work.
I try to shed these shackles
And think what else I can do
But no time, to tried to think,
No time after an eight or nine hour day.
I feel like a slave bound to dead end job
That to be free of these shackles
I can have the freedom to choose a job
That is right for me.
Can there be more out there for a job
Beyond the hills that I try to climb
To climb to what my job dream should be
I need to continue to head toward that dream
However high that dream will be.


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