Holiday Bandana

What month is it today?
Is it
January, February, March, April,
May, June, July, August, September,
October, November or December.
For whatever the month
My owner will bring out
One of my bandanas for me to wear.
They come with different patterns
Like whites, blues, browns, greens, reds,
Yellows, oranges and more.
If the month is February
I have hearts of puppy love for Valentine’s Day.
If the month is March
I have clovers galore for St. Patrick’s Day.
If the month is April
I have pretty blue and yellow flowers for Easter.
If the month is July
I have an American flag bandana for 4th of July day.
If the month is late September or October
I have leaves of oranges, yellows and reds for Fall.
If the month or the last day of October
I have an orange background with Boos bandana for spooky Halloween day.
If the month is November
I have the Capricorns and turkeys abound for Thanksgiving Day.
If the month is December
I have the words Merry Christmas written all over for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
I love my bandanas they are the best.
Today’s bandana I see are my Fall leaves
For the cool days of Fall season ahead.


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