Hear The Waves

Hear the waves slosh against the boat.
Slosh, galosh, slosh, galosh against the boat.
Up and down the boat breaks through the waves.
Hear the boat breaking through the white cap surf.
Slosh, galosh, slosh, galosh against the boat.
Travel upon the waves through the wide open sea
We travel in our boat hearing the sound of waves
Slosh, galosh, slosh, galosh against our boat.
Up and down our boat travels across the water clear.
Hear the sound of the waves as the boat travels along
Slosh, galosh, slosh, galosh against our family boat.

In Love From A Distance [Revision]

In love from a distance
You have captured my heart.
Your eyes and beauty
Are what stopped me from the start.

I am falling in love with you
I can see it with every step I take.
Where to begin as I walk towards your aura
To tell you that I am in love with you.

I think it’s time to bring up the courage
To show my true intentions to you.
Here I come to give it all I got
To find out if you are the one for me.

My Hideaway

Deep in my hideaway I lie
Only a book and flashlight nearby.
The blankets cover my whole dominion
Like a tent from top to bottom.
Only one can fit inside the lair,
A child like me will only be that one.
It was my quite place where I loved to go
To get away from the outside world.
A table, two chairs or space between the beds
Was the best place to build my hideaway shelter.
There I can I read with my flashlight in hand
And dream of adventure at every page turn.

I’ll See You On The Other Side

I’ll see you on the other side
Don’t worry I will wait for you to arrive.
I’ll be waiting by the gate to see you come inside.
My time is up but yours still has more time to jive.
You are young, still full life
Let me, old grandparent, finally take my rest.
I had great life full vigor to the last drop.

I’ll see you on the other side
Don’t worry I will wait for you to arrive.
I’ll make sure to bring all who knew
To see you join us when you finally come inside.
Can’t tell you now, what you will see.
You have to live your life like a roller coaster ride
Before you become old and rest like me.

Veil of Destiny

Can one see through the veil of one’s destiny?
To know if the path is right or wrong
Or to see to it that somehow if it is death
To avoid before it comes along.

Are there hints in the air
Carried by the wind to know what may come in hand.
Or are we left to the eerie silence within ourselves.

What is destiny to some may know more
Then others who cannot see through their veil
Hides within their selves the fact
They would rather not know at all.

Is destiny a thing that can be changed like phrases of moon
Or is it played out like a movie with a beginning and end.
What if one discovers their destiny
Can it be changed on a whim?

Are the choices we make in our lives head to our destiny
Or do our choices change the course we travel
In the end somehow choices don’t really matter
For somehow destiny can still be reached.


Make way for the acting dog.
A dog who works for your entertainment.
I am Koda, a show dog like no other.
I do movies, I do shows, and fancy tricks as well.
My acting lines are easy, a few barks here and there.
My fans think I’m adorable, and cute
Even though I am just a dog star.
I can act with the rest of the humans
And be as good as any of them.
Sit back and watch me do my thing
I will perform my movie acts well
For I am Koda, the show dog
And I hope one day to bring an Oscar home.

Empty Thoughts

My mind is empty of thoughts
Like looking in an empty glass of water
Where there is no drop left to drink.
I seem to stare at the world
Not knowing if my mind is alive or dead.
Trying to call upon some voice
That seems distance and far away
Wanting to close in on it and have it brighten my mind
Like lighting a candle in a darken room with no windows.
How to fill thoughts that struggle through the dense
Network of nerves to reach the mind
That sometimes seem like it has gone on a vacation
Or too busy to organize the thoughts
In some coherent way to understand
My mind feels empty and lost
In trying to find its way.