Age of Leaves

Lives are short like leaves of trees.
From a tiny bud to old withering brown cracking leaf.
Babies are like buds coming into the world
On the trees they are tiny as can be.
Come Spring leaves mature into green full of life
Like young adults ready to face the world aboard.
Onset of Fall leaves began to change colors
From oranges, yellows and reds,
Like people reaching middle age
Who have seen so many changes in their life.
As months gather into the cold of winter
Leaves begin to lose their color,
They become brown, hard as they wither beneath the trees.
They begin to crack at the touch
Crumble in our hands to dust
Like old people who grow old with graying hair,
Wrinkly face, they pass before us their time up.
They are buried to dusty ground below
And yet the age of leaves beings anew each year
Even though we have many years,
Leaves only have a year of life.


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