Traveling Down The River

Traveling down in a boat on the river wide
I met an old man sitting, fishing on the riverbank
Looking for a fish, I hope he would find.
He saw me, waved me near
And I rowed near to hear his words.
“Young feller if you continue down this way,
You will find a round the bend
No fish for you to catch.”
Reply I, “I don’t plan on catching any fish today.
Hope to find a peacefully place to watch
Nature’s beauty at its best work.”
“Well, I see than you will find
Around the bend a spot for to watch and stand.
You’ll see an old oak tree standing tall along the bank.
That will be the best place to make your watch.”
I thanked him well and wished him luck
I headed to the bend to find the tree he said.
I rowed and rowed
Saw the bend and made it around to see what was in hand.
I saw the old ancient tall oak
Made my stop before the day went away.
I climbed upon the bank,
Took my spot beneath the oak
And looked down the hill
As the orange, red sun begin to end its day.


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