Bumper To Bumper

Bumper to bumper I travel along.
The roads have been snow covered all day long.
Here I go inching along,
Slowly making my way home.
The snow is falling all around
I hope I can get home before a blizzard is bound.
Moving at a snail pace the car travels
Driving over snowy roads slow
Taking care not to go off the road.
Finally reaching the final destination
Turn into the drive
And think, phew, I made it safely home at last.

The New Year

The New Year is upon us.
What brings the coming year.
What will we see in this New Year.
Would it be new friends;
Or old ones that have not been seen?
Will a romance begin to blossom
Or like a dry rose wilted will it end before it begins.
There might be pain and sorrow
For those that we lose,
But we will new life begin anew.
The New Year is upon us.
What brings the coming year.
What will come this way in this New Year?

Restless Winter Storm

Restless winter storm charges through the day
Throwing snow and ice in its way.
Charging with his icy steed;
Together they wreak havoc across the land and sea.
Blinding snow they fling cause roadways to disappear
Upon the chilling winds this restless winter storm
Gathers snow drifts to whip frantically about;
Inches upon inches the snow and ice form
From a restless winter storm
That last all day and all night long.

Cracking Fire

The red, orange, yellow fire before the fireplace;
Crackling fire pops like firecrackers on a cold winter night.
I can almost touch the warm, hot flames leaping about;
The potent smoke rises up through the chimney
Like puffing on a big cigar.
Feel the warmth just sitting near;
Warming hands and feet
To everyone that is near.

Lighted Christmas Tree

Twinkling lights adorn the Christmas tree
Wrapped snugly around the branches;
Gives off hues of bright color lights.
Through its branches hides ornaments
From Santa Clauses to tin soldiers, bears and more.
Pointed star high on top stands out with white light.
Dazzling the Christmas tree stands in the corner
Surrounded by presents at it base for all to see.
Tree shows up the fancy tinsel and lights
Like some famous movie star walking the red carpet.
Until next year the Christmas tree enjoys
The time it has inside the house stage.

Babe Is Born

A babe is born on Christmas Day
In a lowly manger he now lays.
Surrounded by his parents proud with joy
As animals standby with noises of praise.
He is the one who will give the world light.
For all who want to hear his voice.
For he was born on Christmas Day
He is the one who will make the world right.
Shepherds with sheep came to see the sleeping babe;
Took with them praises of joy that special day.
Wise men travel from afar, bearing gifts to the new born babe;
They gave gifts that only kings could receive
For this they knew one day the babe was to be special indeed.
A babe is born on Christmas Day
Sing praises now this glorious day.

Christmas Day Has Finally Come

The time has arrived to run into the living room.
To the Christmas tree piled high with presents.
To see the stockings stuff full of goodies,
For a child, wide eyed with what would Santa bring
So excited, can’t wait to run to into the living room
The word is given; off we go to awaited presents,
To finally open at last cause,
Christmas day has finally come!