Your Smile

Your smile I still see in front of me.
That big grin so soft and gentle.

Always a smile on your face
With a twinkle in your eye.

You enjoyed my seeing you
As I was only a young child.

What a joy was I in your life,
Even though I knew you, to short it was to be.

That big smiling grin will still with me forever.
Even now I think you are still smiling from up above.

Every time I smile, Grandpa
I will remember it was your smile that helped me make mine.

Too Early In The Morning

Went to the grocery store early in the morning.
Nearly went past the turn, where the store was located.
Got my cart and walked around;
Gathering my food and stuff as I go.
Looked at my list one more time;
Everything I need is in my cart.
I head to the checkout;
My groceries get scan as I watch.
I dig into my pocket;
Oh no, I forgot my money to pay.
The clerk was nice;
And said we can hold your stuff.
How long do you think you take.
Only ten minutes is what I need;
I am off to retrieve my money that I need.
Back to home I find my money;
Back to the store;
Where I can finally pay.
They ring me out once more.
I give them my money for the bill.
What a crazy morning already;
As I chuckle to myself as I leave.
Forgetting my money;
It’s way too early to think about grocery shopping for me.

Roller Coaster Temperature

The winter is like a roller coaster;
The temperatures dip up and down.
Up the hill to warmer fifties we go;
Watch as the next week we plummet;
Down the hill to negative below.
Then a small hill as we round the curve;
We reach thirties midway through the week.
Few more twist of temperature change
As we ride along.
Down a small hill to see temps at twenties.
The roller coaster temperatures continue to change;
Up and down the temps change all through the winter long.

As I Sit Writing Here

As I sit writing here, in a cozy chair,
I am enjoying the peace and quiet that is near.
No sound my ears hear,
Not even from the dog that is lying near.
The pen, no scratching sound it makes
As I go about writing what I have on mind.
The sound of silence lingers more
That I hope it will last a few minutes more.
But, no it is not to be
For the dog will stir and not let me be.
For I must finish my writing now,
So when she stirs I will be ready for her.

Door To The Cold Outside

Open the door to the cold outside
Like jumping into the cold lake
The freezing air hits right through you.
You feel the bitter cold nip at you
As you venture outside the door.
From head to toe the cold air
Wraps its freezing, icy hands around you;
Chilling your whole body to the bone.
You hurry your step;
Try as you do, to get away from the biting cold;
As it trails behind you all the way
To where you plan on going.

A Friendship Love [Revision]

We love each other regardless of our species;
I, a dog and you are my human owner.
Our love is a friendship bond
That will last until my time;
Because my life is very short.
When I am gone from this world;
I hope the love we share
Pours into another dog;
That you will love as well.
Our bond of love is great as can be
We hope that everyone else can see;
That I love you, my owner,
And you love me.
We are best pals,
Even if I am a dog and you are a human.
Our love is a friendship bond
That we hope to last for some time.

We Are Your People

We are your people, Lord.
Take us into your hand.
Guide us in this world,
By your loving hand.
We are your people, Lord.
We will follow your ways.
Just need your guiding hand
So we can see you in the end.
We are your people, Lord.
Give us the strength
To walk in your way;
As we walk among this Earth.