Window Craze

She sits staring out the window.
Watching who is passing by.
Nothing escapes her watching eye.
So alert,
So tense,
She finally sees something of fancy;
Placing two front paws on window sill.
She pokes her snout so close to window;
She leaves her breath mark.
Out a bark comes, then another;
Then a whine begins to vent;
Venting frustration that she is inside.
Wishing to be outside instead.
A push off the window,
Off she goes,
Running all around the house she goes.
Back to the window
To see if it is there.
Yes it is and here she goes;
A repeat of venting
As she runs around some more.
She is a window watcher,
But a crazy window watcher;
Who loves to see what is going on.


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