Your Roots Are Close [Response Letter From Soil]

What thanks you give my dearest friend.
That we may be rooted together for the longest time.
My rich nutrients will help you continue to grow;
To give you many years of growth.
I find comfort under your shady green in warm weather.
But, glad we share the cold barren winters together.
I was glad to see you placed gingerly in my bosom;
Watching you cast your first root through the ground.
We are bound together through your roots;
I will cry the day when we will say good-bye.
But, let us not dwell on that distant time,
For we have had many laughs and more to come.
You made me giggle when you tick me with your root.
I made you laugh with my dirty jokes.
I will still be here to give you the nutrients;
My friend you shall always be;
Rooted in my heart for all eternity.


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