Too Early In The Morning

Went to the grocery store early in the morning.
Nearly went past the turn, where the store was located.
Got my cart and walked around;
Gathering my food and stuff as I go.
Looked at my list one more time;
Everything I need is in my cart.
I head to the checkout;
My groceries get scan as I watch.
I dig into my pocket;
Oh no, I forgot my money to pay.
The clerk was nice;
And said we can hold your stuff.
How long do you think you take.
Only ten minutes is what I need;
I am off to retrieve my money that I need.
Back to home I find my money;
Back to the store;
Where I can finally pay.
They ring me out once more.
I give them my money for the bill.
What a crazy morning already;
As I chuckle to myself as I leave.
Forgetting my money;
It’s way too early to think about grocery shopping for me.


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