Across My Sight

Gently glides across my sight
One snowflake and then another in flight;
To where they land, I do not know
For they may land anywhere out there,
Among the cold hard ground at night;
The snowflakes have taken to flight
Against the darken backdrop of the night
These snowflakes continue their flight;
Gently falling to the ground;
They disappear out of my sight.

Steel Giants

Arms stretched out holding delicate twine of silver
Steel giants stand still like statues.
Against the blue skies they stand
Frozen in time staring out blankly;
Not seeing or hearing what is happening around them.
Wrapped with twine of silver they hold together
You can see them stretch for many miles;
They hold the shock cable of twine for eternity.
Their bodies of steel with intricate design
Stand against the weather of time.

Hidden From View

Hidden from view you can hardly see
A fluff of fur underneath a tree.
Buried upon and beneath the blanket below
A fur ball is sleeping there.
Her favorite spot when Christmas comes around.
She hides herself in what she thinks
Is her own private living area.
Her special den is where she lies
Until ornaments and presents join themselves;
Then she waits until they disappear
So she can enjoy a few weeks more
Of her special place hidden under the tree.

Grasp For Something

I grasp for something that can’t be reach.
Looks so close but cannot see what it made be
Out of my clutches, I wish to grab
But what it is I do not know.
Every time I try to grasp
Farther away it is pushed from me
Like it is being pushed down
The moving river leaving me
To swim after it, getting tried
That it seems that I made never reach
What I cannot see for I wish to know
If I will reach it in the end.

Thick As A Fog

Clouded thick as a fog
Among the morning dews
My mind cannot see through the clearing
The fog that comes blocking through.
Deep the fog has enter in
Close around my mind it has.
Blocked the thoughts I want to think
I must break through this fog that has come.
But no the fog has wrapped itself
Like a blanket around my mind;
Smothering the thoughts that I want to think
Must be away to break this fog from enveloping
My mind and keep thoughts from disappearing.
So I can think clearly once again.

Valentine’s Day

Very truly I tell you today
At this hour I have fallen in
Love with you. Upon my
Entire world I see that we are meant to be.
No one other has captured my heart
To which I hope to make as one.
I am yours forever as I
Now about to tell you on this
Especially loving sweet day
So I want to be your
Valentine from this
Day forth and the next one
After that. I would love it if
You will be mine Valentine forever more.

Thanks I Give For The Things I Love

Thanks I give for the things I love
I owe it all to the one, my Mom.
She’s the one who got me started;
With my passion for reading books.
She’s the one who broaden my horizons
For going to see specular theater productions.
She’s the one who got me interested;
Interested in watching my favorite pastime;
My love of Baseball.
Thanks I give for the few things I love;
I owe it all to the one I love, my Mom;
For encouraging me to continue the things I love.

Heavy Burden

His burden is heavy upon his back,
But he cannot slacken his load;
As he makes his way to the top.
Loaded down through the years he has live
With each passing day the load grows
Under the strain as he pushes along.
Bending over like an old woman
Who has seen many years;
He continues the climb
Huffing and puffing
Buckling below the strain
He must reach the top;
He knows his burden will finally cease
To exist on the other side.

Blog Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of my blog! I can’t believe it has been a year since I started posting my poetry on-line. I am thankfully with all the likes and followers who follow my poems. This year I am going to something a little different. I will still be posting my poems but, I have set up a page where you can send your suggestion or ideas of what kind of poetry you would like me to write about. So, made one of the suggestions or ideas you will see made into a poem and posted to the site. It will be a great way to see what kind of poetry you all are interested in.

Thank you all again for reading my poetry!!

N. K. Hasen

Against The Cold Winter Ground

Stark bare against the cold winter ground stand the tree
with branches that curl in
with evil hands stretching
out waiting to grab some lone soul that passes by.

Against the pale light bare branches look hauntingly out
their nakedness of the bright leaves they are missing
with the blowing wind the tree’s branches sway
from side to side in a trace like eerie way.

The bare tree and branches shiver against the cold that continues
it long icy grip across a still wintery landscape;
the tree stands silhouetted and alone;
ever wondering when the season will be over.