Walk In The Afterlife

I see bright light garnered with clouds
That are puffed like pillows across a dreamy landscape.
No buildings abide this place
Of a scene so peace and calm.
I walk among the pillow of clouds
My life feels light as a feather.
No worries do I have to worry anymore.
My soul is free; the air I breathe is pure.
I can see all from up above
As I watch over all I love.
You don’t know where I went
But, you will see it’s not that bad;
The afterlife of Heaven is much more to be explored.
Time is different here as I walk along.
But, I must admit I enjoy every step I take;
As I can talk with people, long deceased.
When your time comes, I will come to meet you.
You can walk with me in the afterlife
And watch over all who had loved you too.


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