One Of Us

You came upon this Earth as one of us;
Preaching the word to all who would hear.
Your life already fully blessed;
You knew when your time was near.
Upon the cross you now lie.
Ready to take our sins away.
You let out one more breath and died.
Taken down, placed in a tomb, we wait the three days.
Arise, now we see, you now enter heaven for thee.
Now you wait for us to arrive so we can be with thee.

The Clam

Closed shell beneath the sea
Lies the clam quite as can be.
Rarely opens its shell to all
It sits alone on the sea floor.
It keeps to itself shut away
That no one knows what it might say.
Hard to read a close shell clam
They remain tight lipped in the sand all day.

Response Love Letter From Dog

Love, I can’t show you in a letter.
For I tried to hold the pen to no avail.
My paws don’t allow me to write,
For which I don’t know how to write at all.
I can show my love to you in other ways:
I’ll snuggle with you,
I’ll lick you,
I’ll play with you,
And I’ll be by your side for as I am here.
I agree I’m your companion,
For I’ll be there when you are blue.
Even through my life is short
I will fill your days with my love and energy.
I am your best friend and sorry I cannot write.
But, here is ripped up paper that I had tried to write on instead.

A Thousand Daggers

Like a thousand daggers my head throbs;
The sharp points digging into my skull.
The pressure to intense,
Beating me with points like needles.
I try to close my eyes,
Maybe sleep off another aching head.
But, no avail tense daggers seem to pierce deeper into my brain.
To intense I will find,
The cure that will dull the throbbing daggers
To only a pinch of a single needle.
Water and pill I take in one swallow.
Then I sit back, close my eyes,
Knowing the pressure and throbbing
Will disappear in an hour or more from now.

Words Use To Flow

Words like the flowing river have stopped coming
from my mouth that now is dry upon the page.

Waterfall like pencil that once flowed out onto the
page sits empty in my hand.

The rock pages stare blankly, nothing but laughter as to
taunt me, that once there flowed like the river the words
so free and clear;

Now, nothing no flowing words come easy now that my river
has all dried up.


I walk among feeling enclosed, shadows moving in from all sides;
Cutting my oxygen, choking me like a snake, to close as they walk;
Engulfing my presence down to a mouse, so as to pounce as a cat upon my being.
Feelings of too many eyes staring upon me as I walk among them;
Try as I must to breathe, it is shallow from many faces staring
That I wish to hide myself away from their presence.
But, I will push through the crowds, hide my nervousness;
Hold myself high, not letting my self-doubt of being in crowds bother me no more.