Leave You For A Kennel

Why must I leave you to a kennel;
For I am not sure if I can leave you behind.
You are always with me;
From morning into to dark evenings every day.
I will miss your smiling face
For the short trip that I am about to go
I wish I could take you with me no matter where I go.
But crowds and being caged in a crate for a plane ride
Would probably be too much for you.
I will leave you to the kennel;
You will get the best care possible;
Even on top of that I can watch you from afar.
For I have put you in a suite
Because I know you don’t like cages at all;
Having your own little room
You will be the spoil dog by far.
From a phone or a computer
I have been given webcam access;
I will be able to see you
So I can see you in the room every day.

The Roar Of Engines

Hear the roar of engines
See the runaway move faster and faster.
Feel the tightness as plane rushes into the air.
Hear the thunder of roar of the plane as it hits the air.
Feel the bumpiness as plane moves higher at each sky level tier.
See the beautiful scenery from inside a plane;
As you make your way home from afar.

Jagged Wrinkly Faces

Jagged wrinkly faces stare upon me;
I stare down from clouds
To view these old men and women.
They change as I fly along
Some with crooked noses;
Some with hair line receding to bare waters
That stretch for many miles.
More faces dot with material dimples on their face above.
Crooked dwelling teeth of some smile
With uncertainty of the changing landscape;
That once was covered with many green faces.
Now their friend’s faces gone
To hacking and leveling of their kin.
With new false dwelling teeth
They continue with their uncertainty smile;
As I stare out of my window, as I fly along
Watching their faces staring at me from above.

White Desert In The Sky

Stretch out for many miles from above
Reaches the white desert in the sky.
Fluffy white caps like snow
Is the desert in the sky I see.
Its sands like puffy cotton balls
Strung out far and wide
Like a bridge with many beds;
Look to comfy to sleep upon the open sky.
I watch across the white desert in the sky;
Out of the window as I fly by.
See it stretch for many miles wide
As its looks like the sea touching the sky.

In My Dreams

I see you in my dreams
You stare out the window of what I cannot see.
Then slowly like a movie playing
You turn and smile that sweet smile to me.
Then you are gone like a puff of smoke
I now see the window;
But you, my long love are not there.
No smiling face, no presence of your form remains.
Yet each night I see you in my dreams;
I cannot forget my love to you.
I feel your presence still about
Even as I’m wide awake.
I wish to go to you, my love
But I know your whispering words on the winds
Say, “it is not your time, don’t worry I will see you soon.”
So I will hold you in my dreams
Until my time has come to end
Because I know I will see you;
Smiling that sweet smile to me soon.

Hiding Dog

Raging all around outside a storm is stressing one that is scared inside.
She paces back and forth trying to find a place to hide.
Living room is not the place, to many windows shows
What’s outside.
To the kitchen; no place to hide to close to the living room.
Off to the bedroom, no this one will not do.
Still too loud and two window meet her view.
Only one more place that will let her be calmer;
It is the bathroom, one place no windows to see.
Then it’s into the bath tub for further hiding.
Away from a storm that is brewing outside;
Away from lessening the noise that is defending to her ears.
The bath tub is her hiding sanctuary until the storm finishes airing.

Between Seasons

Between seasons of Winter and Spring
Lies the ground barren of green.
Ground barren waiting like a lover
For Spring to bring blooming flowers
To brighten the ground again with a smile.
To embrace Spring’s love of the sun
The ground sits and waits till that time;
Where together they play among the green grass
That would finally peek through the barren ground.
Now the ground barren waits in between
The seasons of Winter and Spring;
Waiting of the warmth of Spring to come.