Leave You For A Kennel

Why must I leave you to a kennel;
For I am not sure if I can leave you behind.
You are always with me;
From morning into to dark evenings every day.
I will miss your smiling face
For the short trip that I am about to go
I wish I could take you with me no matter where I go.
But crowds and being caged in a crate for a plane ride
Would probably be too much for you.
I will leave you to the kennel;
You will get the best care possible;
Even on top of that I can watch you from afar.
For I have put you in a suite
Because I know you don’t like cages at all;
Having your own little room
You will be the spoil dog by far.
From a phone or a computer
I have been given webcam access;
I will be able to see you
So I can see you in the room every day.

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