Next Adventure

Where to look for the next adventure?
Is it waiting just around the bend?
Could beyond the mountains that rise above
Around the bend be the answer to the adventure I seek.
I cannot sit and wait for I am restless to find;
To find the adventure I seek beyond the bend.
Off I will travel to where I do not know
I just know to find my adventure behind the bend up ahead.

Dearest Child

Dearest child of my heart
I wish I could give you all I know.
You are my life of the world.
The apple of my eye;
The smiles when times are blue.
I wish I could give you the stars from the sky
That remind me of your twinkling eyes.
I would catch the stars that shine so bright
And let you keep them until they lose light.
Then together we will throw them back to the sky;
Cause I know you would rather not let them die.
I wish I could keep you as a child still
With your youthful light shining through
But soon I know;
I will have to watch you grow;
Leaving your childhood behind
To start the chapter of your life too soon.

Black Shade

Black shade enters the room.
Glides silently across;
To a patient sleeping in the bed.
Stretches a clammy death hand;
To the patient in the sleeping bed.
Upon the touch one stirs awakes.
The death shade beckons near.
Time to leave this Earthly place;
And walk to the next stage that waits.
Patient leaves the Earthly form
Turns once more to say good-bye;
Then follows the Black Death shade
To the other world unknown.

Dreams Begin To Fade

Dreams begin to fade as one grows old with time
Bright as a picture dreams were thought upon the early days of youth.
Only to realize that some dreams wither and die like a flower that will never blossom again
Like a picture, dreams fade,
Their edges showing how long they tried to stay alive within ourselves.
Now only fragment dreams shatter and break apart;
To be no more apart of someone who once believed in them.

I Want To Play

I come over to grab your attention
You are behind an object on your leg that I don’t understand;
Sitting in chair staring, ignoring me.
Your one hand drape over the armrest;
I nudge your hand, hoping you will notice.
Without thinking you pat my head no word spoken.
I move away;
I don’t need pat on the head.
I want to play with you.
You are too busy to play.
I want your companionship, which I need right now.
I try again to get your attention
But you are focus on the object.
I go grab a toy;
Out of frustration I shake it in my mouth.
I continue to shake it;
Venting my anger as the toy squeaks out loud.
You look up now;
Saying it is playtime, finally done with what you were doing.
I look at you very upset;
I turn to ignore you because you ignore me.
You try to play with me;
I turn my snout to the air;
I walk off to another room to be alone.

Rusted In Time

Stands alone in the high grass;
Left on the track of time.
Rusted wheels frozen forever.
Red painted layers peeled back like an apple
Showing the dry wood of a box
Over the old rusted wheels
That perched upon through its younger days.
Rusted wheels have traveled
Over and over many destinations unknown;
Now sit idle, not moving forever more.

Mother’s Day

Moms are the smiles of sunshine
On every day of the year.
They are one of a kind
Helping when anyone needs care.
Example they teach us from the start
Right from wrong we learn with care
So we can keep her lessons well through our years.
Day is here for us to celebrate
A day for mom that is special for her
Yet she is special every day of the year!