I Want To Play

I come over to grab your attention
You are behind an object on your leg that I don’t understand;
Sitting in chair staring, ignoring me.
Your one hand drape over the armrest;
I nudge your hand, hoping you will notice.
Without thinking you pat my head no word spoken.
I move away;
I don’t need pat on the head.
I want to play with you.
You are too busy to play.
I want your companionship, which I need right now.
I try again to get your attention
But you are focus on the object.
I go grab a toy;
Out of frustration I shake it in my mouth.
I continue to shake it;
Venting my anger as the toy squeaks out loud.
You look up now;
Saying it is playtime, finally done with what you were doing.
I look at you very upset;
I turn to ignore you because you ignore me.
You try to play with me;
I turn my snout to the air;
I walk off to another room to be alone.


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