Bring To A Close

Bring to a close the evening sun
Nestled high above the clouds
Your hand stretches out to touch it
You turn its golden globe orb
Stand back and watch it glide down ever slowly.
Watch it sink below the clouds.
The rays dim the sky as darkness draws near.
You pluck the moon from its morning sleep.
Setting it high to where the sun now gone from sight.
Your job is done;
You rest until the time is needed for the sun to rise again.

You Know What

On your knee I sit
Hugging my small arms
Around your neck.

I look at you
With my child eyes
Of my love to you.

My small voice
Speaks the words
I tell you countless times.

“You know what Grandma,”
I say to you
As I look into your eyes.

“What,” you say to me.
I spread my arms wide
As wide as I can reach.

And I say, “I love you this much, Grandma.”
“You know what,” you answer back,
“I love you more than the stars in the sky.”

And with that
We continue to see
How much we love each other.

What Is A Dad

What is a dad?
Who saw me when I was born;
Who held me as a baby in his strong arms.
Who watched me grow before his eyes
Showing his love in his special way.

What is a dad?
Who taught me how to play ball;
Starting with a plastic bat and whiffle ball.
Who also taught me when I was older;
How to golf a small ball into a golf hole.

What is dad?
Who loves his kids;
Who is proud of how they turn out.
He is the best dad I know
For I am glad he is mine and I love him so.

One Minute

One minute you’re there as I walk beside you down the aisle.
I stop my young feet to look at shelves of interest.
Then turning back around to follow;
I look around wildly; you have disappeared.
Fear grips my young mind of losing my protector.
Down the aisle I run to find you;
Hoping you will be around the corner.
I skid to a stop as my pulse is racing;
I turn my head this way and that to find you.
I see faces of you, but none of them are;
I try another aisle; glance down quickly;
No you are not there.
I try another; I see someone up ahead is that you?
I walk fast down aisle to see;
I get close; excitement overwhelms me it is you?
Relieve finally; I hug you my protector, my mother I have found you.


To the train station to wait his return
The faithful dog goes to the spot.
He sits and waits for his master there
Even thou the master has been gone nine years.
Each day he waits from morning to evening
Hoping to see his master soon.
The dog continues to wait through the years,
As seasons changes he would wait there still.
Waited for his master,
Who would never come again no more.
Went to sleep forever in the spot
That he waited each day for nine years.

Into The Fray

Into the fray I lead them
With each passing turn
The adventure continues onward.
Into the middle I read through the lines
Never waver I plow through.
My eyes are fixed on getting through;
No one can stop me at this adventure.
Then a noise I hear close by
Causes me to lift my head and mumble.
Mom is there in the darken hallway
Images of adventure dissolved like water before her;
Tell me it’s too late to continue my glorious read.
With lights now out my captor’s eyes now gone;
I grab a flashlight in hand;
Dive under covers to continue my glorious adventure I’m reading.