One Minute

One minute you’re there as I walk beside you down the aisle.
I stop my young feet to look at shelves of interest.
Then turning back around to follow;
I look around wildly; you have disappeared.
Fear grips my young mind of losing my protector.
Down the aisle I run to find you;
Hoping you will be around the corner.
I skid to a stop as my pulse is racing;
I turn my head this way and that to find you.
I see faces of you, but none of them are;
I try another aisle; glance down quickly;
No you are not there.
I try another; I see someone up ahead is that you?
I walk fast down aisle to see;
I get close; excitement overwhelms me it is you?
Relieve finally; I hug you my protector, my mother I have found you.


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