Your Mirror

What do you look at in your mirror?
What thoughts embed your mind?
To look upon yourself with doubt
Someone you see reflecting back at you
To look like a stranger you have never seen.
What do you think is what you thought you knew?
Now whittles and chips at your soul
Will your thoughts include what you know?
To move on in the coming years.

A Whisper

A whisper, I hear my name.
Seems distant, but not the same.
Close to my ears I hear the call
No echo like it does in a hall.
Again a whisper I hear
I turn around to see it near.
But only the whispering wind
Bares my name from someone
Who is finally across the river plain.


Fur comes out in tuffs
To the ground below.
Soft fur to the touch
Separates into single hairs.
The hot humid sun in the sky;
The month of Summer in the air;
The season of shedding is near.
Fur comes out easy;
Through a brush or hand.
A full layer of coat falls out
To make room for new one to form.
Inch by inch fur is plucked
From the sides of the dog;
Who stands and waits
For the grooming to be over with once more.

Heat Rises

Heat rise upon the land
Baking the ground hard
Like a cookie in an oven.
Humid air blows though its nostrils
Baking the land even further.
Sweltering day is on hand
For the climb in the heated numbers
Is reaching to its peak;
To set forth more humid warm days ahead.