Don’t Haunt Me

Why do you come to haunt me once more?
A dark shadow from days of past.
Opens its crooked hands
To pull me back under
From where I struggle once again
In your deathly, darkly hold.
To taunt me with what I have tried to escape
To mock me once again;
That all will be well as once before.
You, dark shadow that had a hold;
Now I watch you more from a distance
As your power shrinks more and more each passing day.
I grow stronger with your dimming sight.

Skip A Beat

What chases my heart to skip a beat?
Which flutters its wings upon an open mouth that cannot speak.
To let my starry eyes fix upon;
One so radiant, fair and far between another world away.
What lacks the speech to talk in babble;
As she glides across my brow.
The continue stare of one that seems lost
Oh, what may knock to senses
To bring me back from where my heart stills skips a beat.


I hear the distant drums over the hills
Faint an eerie from years gone past.
I see the land before unchanged by times
That men trudge upon the same spots before me.
I feel the waves of anticipation
For the coming call of arms.
I smell the smoke from ages past
That still lies now upon the silent ground.
I taste the dryness of one’s mouth
Whose hours have gone on long without water.
I hear the distant fire, the sounds crackle still loud
As the noise from past keeps ringing in my ear.