In A World

Who am I in a world among many?
I am one single entity among thousands
Traveling down my own path;
To my own destiny;
Which will unravel as time goes by;
To what I cannot see through
Murky waters that hide my future.
Upon this path I will travel
Those waters will part
To let me past through
Another leg of my journey
I hope to find the path of life
That will complete who I am to be.

Winter Is Coming

Winter is coming upon chilly winds
Gusting wildly on barren lands
Reaching out its icy grip
To transform lands in a winter wonderland.
Cover across from tree to ground
Wildly spraying the snow all around.
Blasting cold air out of icy trumpets
Plummets the temperature almost down to nothing.
Winter is coming on fast as horse’s gallop
Riding across lands covering all in its wake
Snow, wind and ice it spreads;
Covering lands with another winter season again.


Into the world of the imagination
That runs wild as the rivers yonder
Where water change with every flow
Imaging new worlds unfold with each wonder.
New images of imaging come and go on the fly
Like eagle wings they gain momentum
Into the air and are set free.
Imagination is never ending
They grab you when least except
To unravel any stories unfold
Now fly into their opening arms.

Letter To Cloud From A River

I thank you for the rain you send;
For some time later it will finally end.
You will move beyond my banks;
Now filled with water from your rain.
I miss your hovering from above;
But the rains you send down with love.
You wander far and wide;
Across far oceans and lands unknown.
I can only wrap around the gentle hills
To nearby lake that closely lies
Is where my adventure ends.
I know you come back;
To soak my energy which will bring the rains.
I see you now from a distance off;
Knowing the sky which follows;
Will send you my cloud,
To fill my banks once more.

Even 5 more Haikus

Close the opened door
One of many broken hearts
Lies in torn pieces.

Leaves of the season
Change their colors in marking
The coming of Fall.

Droplets of water
Falling upon the cracked ground
To dissolve away.

Cool windy breezes
Blowing through the changing leaves
Rustling loud I hear.

A painted picture
Brings a smile to one face
That shows a love one.


Celebrate the joys of bring the baby home
Celebrate the love of joining as one
Celebrate growing older with a birthday
Celebrate the happiness of an anniversary
Celebrate the coming together at the holidays
Celebrate oneself with a career that is finally taking off
Celebrate hope for the whole world around us.