Black Friday

Rise from sleep its four in the morning
Get ready to do the Black Friday shopping
Into the car to go to the store
To catch those Black Friday deals
Wait in lines that are mile long
Getting what’s needed for presents
That will be wrapped under a tree
Waiting for Christmas morning
Tried maybe from long day shopping
It Black Friday crazy day of the year.

Vacuum Scare

I hear it coming near
As I laid on floor
High pitch a noise I fear
I see it coming through the door.
Edging closer it comes towards me
Its loud zoom is too much for me.

Nearer it comes so close
The last minute I take my mark
I don’t want it be near my nose
I don’t even do the bark
For it scares me all the time
A vacuum that is louder than a chime.

I get up to leave my space
Quickly so it doesn’t follow
But it moves to fast like a race
My owner said it’s hollow
But it continues to scare me
So for me vacuum, I continue to flee.

Who Calls My Name

Who calls my name on a whisper?
That rustles through leaves stirring
Makes a whisper now on the wind
That is loud and clear I hear
Who is that I wish to answer?
For I do not know who calls.
Gently the wind echoes my name
Upon now with gratitude
I understand who calls me
From skies and heaven above
I silently thank the whisper
For calling out my name.

Life To Fast

Why is life to fast?
From day to day
Life blurs like waterfalls
Merging our happenings down
Through the pool below
Heaping together the days
Collecting the bits and pieces
What we remember;
Or want to remember for our life
Yet as years go by
Life gradually slows like the river
Before its reaches the waterfall;
Then to the pool at the end.