To See Middle-Earth Again

I wish to see Middle-Earth again.
To see the landscape is quite grand.
From elves to men that reign
To hobbits and dwarves which make their stand.
From evil that lurks in the night
To a dragon that rages with fire
To see our heroes in their plight
Hear the music that aspires
Watching Middle-Earth on the big screen
I want to re-watch every scene.

No One Will Ever See

Locked away from eyes;
Far from anyone around
To see what is inside
No one will ever see.
Cover tightly in a container;
Container of walls high,
A fence that is blocked
No one will ever see.
No one will see;
What is locked within;
Hidden from others;
The internal thought
Of what is inside
No one will ever see.

Waiting Silently

Landscape is silent no words spoken
Trees silent no wind blows through branches
Silent leaves are stranded in one place
Clouds roll silently over watching, waiting
Lake, no ripples silently lies still
All silent waiting, watching the sky above
Gray, dark skies begin let the clouds open
Opening to gently, falling snowflakes;
Falling silently across the bare ground,
Just in time for the Christmas season.

Winter Haikus

Glistening in sun
Snowflakes sparkle with delight
Upon evergreens

Rivers run frozen
As cold weather slowly crept
Into its front door

Snow flying through air
Twisting into magical
Looking fairy dust

Crunch beneath my feet
Breaks snow into a deep hole
To view grass below

Tree lights smile twinkle
Their many colored bright lights
Peeking from branches

Through The Nighttime Sky

Full moon rises high
Stars twinkle all around
Wind slightly blowing
Snowflakes are seen flying;
Through the nighttime sky.
Quite it may be
But in an instant I see
Through my window;
Above the high trees
A sleigh with a man
Driving fast as can be
With eight reindeer
Flying through the windy breeze.
I blink twice to make sure
That what I see in the night sky
Was Santa Claus driving his sleigh
With the full moon behind him
And the stars twinkling all around
With the snowflakes flying
Through the nighttime sky.