Sing a song of caroling
Along the cold walkway
To house to house we go
Caroling all along the way.

Stop at one house than another
Sing many Christmas songs
Here we come a caroling
To bring in the Christmas year.

Burning Intensity

The flicker of light is stable
But for how long will it last
Intense wind blows hard
Flicking the light to and fro
Light stops to be calm again
But for how long will it last
For the build-up of the light;
Will intensify madly to and fro
Rage with burning intensity again
As the wind blows hard again.

Dog Sleep

I love to sleep all day
Curled up on my doggie bed
Eyes closed sleeping away
Paws tucked under to keep me warm
I know there is a blanket near.
I use it as a pillow to rest my head
I sleep away to recharge;
For more romp and play.
I love my sleep and rest
For I know I get more than you;
At the end of long day.

Collection of Dog Poetry Published

Good news, my book “Collection of Dog Poetry” has been published. You can find the paperback version either on Amazon or CreateSpace. It is also on some other channels too like Amazon Europe and other offline and online retailers. CreateSpace added those as new channels of distribution. The kindle version is going to be coming out soon. I am working on making the version good for kindle on Amazon. So once it is up there you will see another version to buy.

Amazon link:

CreateSpace link:
I have promo codes for this site for “preferred customers”: $5 off: 52VB3YW5 or 50% off: FR72RVXP

I would have to say it was fun being able to publish another book of poetry. Look for poetry books down the road.

Write A Poem

Sit down to write a poem;
A poem that is long or short.
Where to start I don’t know
But it will be finished before I know.

Many styles to write a poem
From rhyming to sonnets with verse
The poem will come together
Doesn’t matter what styles come first.

The poem is done
There was a bit of this and that
It came together as one
And will finish as a complete poem.