A hummingbird flies in the air
Landing with gentle wings
Upon the branch near my window.

Softly I heard it begin to hum
Tune as sweet as honey
With tones soothing to the ears.

Hummingbird twitters and hum
The song so sweet and nice
I join in humming a harmony.

Music continues to playing
With a gentle last note
Hummingbird bows and flies away.

Cold Days

Days are cover by
a heavy vortex of cold
Laden with mounds
of packed harden snow
Cold cuts through like a knife
With chilly wind whipping
through the clothing worn
That freezes the body
until one is a statute
Run, run fast to the warmth
Of a home kept heated
Before the cold creeps
Through the body

Devoted Dog

Devoted were you for as
long as you lived.
No fence was needed
for you stayed in the yard.
Never needed the leash;
You stood by my side always.
From outside I would call
you came when name was said.
You were there when I needed
a pick up on a sad day.
Devoted dog were you;
The best I could ever have;
Now you are gone
only in memory will you remain.

Glides Past

She glides past
No one but me;
Sees what;
Who she is?
Translucent is her form;
Ghostly pale skin
Hovering over the place;
Where last she was in life;
Always staring straight ahead;
Searching for what I do not know;
Until last the sun washes down
She disappears again;
Only to arise again on the day;
Of which her death is on.

See Through

Can you see through me?
Can you see through the flaws?
What have you come to see?
What may I ask is the cause?
I see your face with tears
But am I to ask what the fears;
I cannot read your mind
To understand I wish I could
But I am to stun to find
That now I wish would;
Take back what I said
That you now have fled.

Where Does Life

Where does life go from here?
To what unknown I do not know.
For a future I cannot see clear;
Clouded with fog;
Black as emptiness is all I see.
What is the next step from here?
For a door has blocked my way.
It will not budge;
Locked tight as can be
I wish I could find the key.
For than perhaps I will see;
The way of the future;
What life I will finally know.