Water Haikus

Cold water splashes
Among jagged rocks below
With violent force

Upon the sea crest
Ocean rolls through silently
into the dark night

River winding through
Leads to many unknown paths
Rich with potential

The Waves burst on through
Gaining onward to the shore
With cold giant force

Rain washes on down
Running through the crevices
Towards wide oceans

Close Thy Eyes

Close thy eyes to see;
I am there in mind and spirit;
Thou not in mortal flesh
You see me there of memories past.
Yet open eyes I vanish;
Like wisps of smoke I disappear.
World around you I am gone;
So close your eyes I reappear.
Smiles you now share
With once you use to know;
But once eyes open
I disappear once more.


Clock moves forwards a tick and tock
Not backwards can one move back
Always forward to next minute
Clock cycles through one tick at a time.
Onward the hour gives a chime
No backwards a clock has to move with time.
The hand moves slow around;
Clock keeps the time with tick and tock.
Forward the clock tells our time.

In Death’s Eyes

The ship has sailed and you are gone
Across far lands you will travel
Never to come back to the land of life
For you lie lifeless in death’s eyes.

Your travels to land beyond I cannot follow
I must wait my turn when times come
To journey on the ship you have traveled
For I must lie lifeless in death’s eyes too.

On the other side I hope one day
To see you again as in days of old;
To be near and take your hand in mine
Now that we lie lifeless in death’s eyes forever more.

Walking In the Snow

Outside my dog and I walk
Pass mounds of snow so high
To a dog; they look like mountains,
Steep and tall, too hard to climb.
Down a walkway to enter the valley;
Valley of snow; with walls so high.
One of few a dog can waddle through;
Snow up to legs, she plods on;
Making a snow trail for others to follow.
Drifts of snow like sand ripples
Silently change as wind whips through
Walking a dog in the snow
Is the hardest thing to do.

Valentine Love

Day of love is in the air
To give ones heart so fair
For you are the love I see
Wanting my Valentine to be
Yours is special on this day
That I could not say it any other way
Happy Valentine’s Day to you my love;
Our love will fly over like a dove;
To ever more you will be mine
I hope to ask tonight to dine.
Yes, I see it in your eyes
For more years will make us wise
The love we share now;
Will last since we made that vow.


The tunnel is long and dark
The end is near and far
Light seems close but distant
other side looks out of reach
The way looks simple to the eye;
But darkness hides what’s in
The move along is slow and steady
No turning back must pull ahead
Towards the light that beckons;
Who know what is on the other side
Through the long dark tunnel we must reach;
Reach to the light that beckons us on.