Dog Haiku

Dog Haiku from what I think my dog might write if she could.

My name I hear loud
But ignore I will for you
continue; I sniff

Wag my tail for you
Even though I see you blue
Am I getting through

Around and around
I twirl in a circle for;
To catch waving tail

Please pet me right now
I have scratch I cannot reach
Ah, much better now

Wonder why I bark;
I only know when I see
Deer across the lake


O, beauty that flutters by
Glittering with star dust;
Tiny might thy be, but
Big in heart I can see.

O, magical she may be
I wish she would stop
So, I may catch her
To make a wish; I am
Sure she would make.

O, to flutter by me
To fast I cannot see
Only the trailing star dust
Swirls around my head
As she disappears from view.

Needed Drink

She dips her hand down between the clouds
Unzips the belly of the cloud
Letting droplets of clear water
Fall down upon the dry, brown ground.

The ground gives thanks;
Praising to the one above
Drinking; quenching the water
That it so thirst for;
After a hard Winter season.

She smiles down to the ground.
Glad that the needed water
Will finally renew the once dry ground
And give fresh new life to break through at last.

Ariera (Banana)

I come into the room
You, Ariera smile a wide grin.
I leave; your grin turns down.
You are not yet ripe
But close you are
For I will peel you once you are.
Your one layer, Ariera, I will peel;
To taste your sweetness;
Oh, you will also be tender
As each bite is eaten
To the final last.
I see your frown; don’t worry
For tomorrow a yellow grin
Will be on your face once more
Knowing I have come to eat you at last.

Spring Comes At Last

Spring comes at last
She dips her hands to rivers
Watching the ripple melt the ice.
She touches her finger to the land
Color green springs forth from cold ground.
She blows upon the wind
Sending winter clouds a way.
She hangs light Spring clouds
In bright blue skies
Surrounded by warm sun rays.
She rises the moon later
To bring the sun more joy.
She washes her teardrops of rain
Upon the seeds to grow into flowers
Spring has finally come at last.