They Came From Afar

They gather spaceships near the planet.
Are we in position yet commander sighs one.
Waiting on two more to tighten the control
Answers back with a rigid tone. From the future
they came few then, many than armada force. Bearing
Down upon our planet, mighty they seem to be.
Outside humans look on in wonder at these
mighty ships that came from outer space. Questions arise
are they friend or foe? Who knows, we don’t know.
The sky is silent only to hover craft above.
What are the intentions of ones that come from
far and above? Spaceships are in positions the
commander gives the word. First proceed with what we
came for; than next we will take some test subjects
with us. Last we will make sure that none survive,
for they have brought shame upon the galaxies. Give
the count five, four, three, two… one– loudly the alien
presses the button. Energy is shot out from ships in space;
Grabbing precious livestock, minerals and other natural resources.
Next, before they know what happens human begin to disappear.
Oh no, aliens have come to destroy our home! Zap goes one, as
he is beamed up above. Who knows what will become of the few
that are gone. The final stage is near at hand. Human planes try
to fight to save their planet. Will they succeed or will they fail;
only they with determination will our race survive.

April 5th prompt. Picking a filming genre and based on at least three conventions of that genre. This Science Fiction using Aliens, outer space, spaceships, and destroying a planet. Very fun trying to think of a poem for this.


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