Make Call

From darken skies the rain falls
I will stay within these cold walls
Silently I pray
To go out and play
But sky grey
I’ll make call.

I will call your number to see
If now you are currently free
I am bored right now;
I need you here now;
Your free wow,
jump with glee.

You came from the door to the hall
I greet you from around a wall
You were dripping fright
But your eyes were bright
Knew it right
Since rain fall.

April 8th prompt: Write a Welsh clogyrnach. This a poem that contains 6 lines. First two lines are 8 syllables; 3 and 4 line are 5 syllables and the last two are 3 syllables. There is a rhyme schema of a-a-b-b-b-a. This was quite a challenge one.


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