Close-Up is one way of photography used
in a fascinating way of seeing a subject
from a totally new viewpoint getting
close as one can be.

Known also as macro photography allows
to get close to bees, flowers, insect
to get more detail through lenses
otherwise would be impossible.

No lens to zero in close on your subject
use extension tubes to focus close
to get that detail you wanted to get.

A greater depth of field can make a
subject all in focus or shallow depth
to focus on one part like the stamens
of inside of a blooming flower.

There is always a fascinating moment
of a subject waiting to take shot
May it be summer, winter, spring or fall
there is always a close-up to be shot.

Fill the frame, isolate your subject
make it become larger than life
as you shot that image magnifying
in all its glory of detail.

Keep it steady or use a tripod
take time to frame your subject
as you photography nature or
perhaps objects of interest for a shot.

Bring it down to close, you will find a
close-up of anything outside that will
catch your interest to focus all that detail
you want for a terrific photography shot.

April 11th prompt. Write a poem after using the Internet search engine for 20 mins.


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