Warm Asparagus Spinach Pasta Salad

I can smell the pasta boiling
Cooking till it is tender
For my mouthwatering mouth.
The chop, chop of the of the knife
Dicing green onions small enough
To throw in the blender along
With vinegar and soy sauce
To make a good dressing
While gradually adding oil
In a steady stream to blend in well.
From the oven the aroma of
Asparagus penetrates my nose.
Bake asparagus are finally ready
To out and cool down before adding
To the big salad bowl that awaits.
The one inch bite size asparagus.
Baby spinach sit in the bowl;
Waiting for the rest to come;
Combing the pasta and asparagus.
Dressing now ready to drizzle
Upon this delicious summer meal
That is one of my favorite dishes.
Toss to coat it said to do;
Mixing the dressing together.
Almost done the chopped cashews get;
Sprinkled along with Parmesan cheese.
Nice hot dish ready to serve immediately
Makes it a summer meal I enjoy.

April 19th prompt. Write a poem that is or involves a recipe.


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