Rays Eclipse

Golden rays eclipse through clouds
Bringing rays of warmth down
Upon my bare shoulders.
The glare of the sun’s ray
Heat the body until sweat
Drips down upon my brow.
Sun sizzles as I lift
My hand to shade against
The sun beating down upon me.

Eyes Are Scared

The eyes are scared;
She stares at me
With the look of help me.
How can I help my dog,
Who is scared of storms;
Loud noises that come
When least except.
She comes to me;
I wrap my arms around
Telling her it is OK;
But still the look
I see in her scared eyes
Say I don’t like this at all.

Relaxing Dog

Sun shines through the pane;
Dog is on her back with two back paws;
Sticking straight out hovering;
Motionless like a balancing act.
The light shines upon her belly
Like she is getting a tan
While sleeping on the beach;
But she is indoors enjoying
The warmth that shines through;
Relaxing in one of many positions;
She will relax in.