She Comes A Flight

From distant lands she comes a flight
On eagles wings perched high
Her golden hair like rays shine bright
Eyes of sea blue catch the light
Where she comes I do not know
Upon eagle wings she fly on
Scouring for what I do not know
Over lands that stretch far and wide
She searches throughout the sky
Some kingdom hidden among clouds
So soft and billowing are the walls
She is a warrior with her bird
Flying high above the skies
Seeking entrance to kingdom in the sky.

Birds Fly Past

Fast in winged flight birds fly past
Dots in the sky there’s lots;
Bringing their voices to rhythmic ringing
Belt the chirping loud I felt
Sounds from above I stand on the grounds
Listening to their music as I caught feathers glistening
Through branches to which they flew
Sitting; chirping a tune so fitting
I hum with them as I look for them.

Next Best Work

Fingers fly upon the keyword;
One letter at a time tapped out
Till they come together to make–
Words then sentences upon the page
To form what the next great story;
The next great poem to be read out loud.
Tap, tap, tap; the fingers move
Like a well oil machine
That knows what to bring together
The next best work of writing.

Her Gardens

She grooms her gardens far and wide
Large they reach almost to the skies.
She dips her hand among the rivers
To give her gardens a drink so fresh.
Lately she cries for her gardens
That once were green; now turn brown.
From others who burn and cut down
Her gardens she so tenderly care.
Raindrops of her tears fall upon;
Her gardens she hope to replenish
Back to life; that once were green.

One Strand

One strand of refine hair
Lies motionless as I stare
White hair with brown tip
Upon the keyboard it sit
From one I know who it belongs
For somehow hair got flung
When shaking her whole body
Near where I sit and write.
She let loose her furry hair
For now it scatters all around
Telling me a brushing is needed
To rid her body of loose hair
That continues to scatters all around.